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Protection and Banishment Oil // Herbal Intention Oil

Protection and Banishment Oil // Herbal Intention Oil

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Protection and Banishment Oil


A sweet scent with a powerful purpose, this oil was curated with strong herbal allies to help draw protection into your life while banishing negative vibrations from your energy. Like a prayer in a bottle, it can be used to help stabilize yourself when you feel uneased or in need to protect your energy. Cast away low vibrations and reclaim yourself while delicately moisturizing your skin. 

This oil blend is made with juniper berries, rosemary and sage. It is carried in extra-virgin olive oil with a hearty blend of herbaceous and mint essential oils. A tourmaline crystal and quartz point amplify its energetic field, allowing every drop to be charged in its excellence.


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Magickal oils are made with a variety of different herbs, oils and crystals. Each recipe carries a unique blend of different herbs to help you access your own power of manifestation. All oils are curated using all-natural ingredients, including potent dried herbs, therapeutic grade essential oils and cold-pressed unrefined carrier oils. Because of their purity, they are safe to use directly on hair or skin. Please test a small area to ensure you are not sensitive to any plant material seeing how herbal remedies can be incredibly potent. 


All oils are infused on the night of a full moon and continue to cure naturally by solar energy. They reach potency after one moon cycle. Since they are made with dried herbs, it is always safe to keep all herbs inside the oil. They can be used to anoint your candles, tools and stored safely at your altar. Each oil is aromatically powerful and can be dabbed onto your skin to help anchor their intention into your daily life. They can also be dropped into a bath for ritual use.


When using intention oils in your practice, it is imperative to use with an open mind. If you have any feelings of self-doubt, fear, or anger it is important to stop what you are doing and come back to the magick once you are in a better mindset. Spirit can feel your energy and magickal tools can amplify these energies tremendously, whether it is positive or negative vibrations. There are currently four different recipes of oils that help ground specific intentions to help invoke spiritual guidance.

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